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At Welltech Ventures, we seek to partner and invest with the unique leaders of the health and wellness field. We work with Israeli startups in all different focus areas of health and wellness ranging from health and beauty to AI health technology. Our growing portfolio is comprised of diverse startups that are redefining the definition of the health and wellness market.

quris ai.png

Quris is an artificial intelligence innovator that is disrupting the drug development process.


MDI is democratising access to comprehensive medication treatment.


Behavidence screens and monitors mental health conditions using secured and private digital behaviour based phenotyping.

Alike logo

Alike is an AI-based system designed to help patients monitor their own conditions.

X-trodes logo

A unique wearable and wireless technology that is aimed for advanced measurements and analytics of biopotential signals.

Amai Logo

Amai uses sweet designer proteins as a substitute for sugar.

Helping Hand logo.png

A complete and personalised psychological support in the form of valuable content, tools & interactive meetings with therapists

Calmigo logo

CalmiGo is a natural, portable, drug-free solution that can be used in moments of upset, anxiousness, and stress.

Antidote logo.png

Antidote is an AI-based system that streamlines patient screening to optimize the healthcare system for those who are uninsured.

healt hero logo.png

Health Hero is a “Health-to-earn” company focused short-term on disrupting the health insurance market

Vuze Logo

VUZE system gives spine surgeons the images they need most and currently do not have.

Sency logo.jpg

Sency builds computer-vision-based products to drive every single person around the world to fulfil their physical goals.

HedoniaLogo_May2_2022 (2).png

Hedonia improves symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety through the use of Facilitating Thought Progression 

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