Welltech Ventures partners with and invests in visionary entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the wellness space. 

Global wellness is not just a trend but a way of life due to people optimising their health, and living their best lives due to the accessibility of low-cost technology and cultural trends which promote healthy living today. Without health, nothing can be accomplished, this is reflected in the global wellness market valued at $4.5 trillion and which is only continuing to grow.

Wellness is a growing vertical in a country whose entrepreneurs have been known for building strong companies. Israelis are natural problem solvers, and some of the most pressing challenges in wellness are being addressed by these ambitious entrepreneurs.

Health and wellness are not just a market, but a way of life and a philosophy. Millennials and Gen Z are focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and along with advances in medicine, aging Boomers are embracing this consumer trend. In no other vertical do so many members of the global wellness community embrace this lifestyle with such dedication.

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Welltech Ventures is a health and wellness focused fund which operates and invests in the Israeli ecosystem. We offer a unique advantage as thought leaders in the Israeli health tech ecosystem, have developed expertise in the sector, and helped foster a network built by supporting local wellness entrepreneurs.

Areas in the wellness space which offer opportunities include nutrition, mindfulness, stress management, fitness, preventive medicine, real estate wellness, and beauty. Our personal thesis is to approach this vertical in holistic terms; it’s not just about investing in strong entrepreneurs but also helping build companies which make a positive impact on society and the globe.


Why should entrepreneurs choose us?

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Wellness entrepreneurs seek to build companies which are impacting the mind, body, and even soul, and can be both consumer and enterprise focused. As research and technology advance, the mind and body become more interconnected, with driven and visionary entrepreneurs addressing challenges in this space.


In supporting entrepreneurs, we are engaged with the ecosystem; we mentor founders, host learning opportunities, and help connect founders to our network. Parlaying our knowledge of the space helps entrepreneurs as we understand the market, and know who the competitors are, and where the challenges may lie.

We work hands-on with entrepreneurs in order to build category defining companies; particularly those who have the ambitious drive to truly change the world of wellness. We see ourselves as partners and offer entrepreneurs capital, mentorship, and access to our global network.

As an entrepreneur, partnering with us offers you the following:

Mentorship and guidance on your journey in building your endeavor

Connections and introductions from our vast and robust network

Insights and analysis on the market, including competitors and possible pitfalls

Along with a capital investment, we make introductions to other investors from our investor network 


Why invest with us?

A deep understanding of the Israeli tech space requires a lot of time, knowledge, and connections. We know the ecosystem from experience, and provide you with due diligence on promising startups in the wellness space. We also provide you with financial and business knowledge at the intersection of wellness and ground-breaking technology.


Through our rigorous process, we invest based on our thesis and are able to bring the best deals to the table. Parlaying our background for innovation, we source startups based on criteria tailor-made for every investor we partner with.

We currently have 10 companies in our portfolio which range across wellness. While our portfolios solve challenges in different areas, all these startups fall under the vertical of wellness, and epitomise the multitude of opportunities in the space.

Investing with us offers a number of benefits, including:

Access to curated deal flow from the Israeli ecosystem

Due diligence conducted by our team of experts

Representation of your interests in the Israel ecosystem

Regular reporting, insights, and trend spotting on startups activity