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Welltech Ventures partners with and invests in visionary entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the wellness space. 

Global wellness is not just a trend but a way of life due to people optimising their health, and living their best lives due to the accessibility of low-cost technology and cultural trends which promote healthy living today. Without health, nothing can be accomplished, this is reflected in the global wellness market valued at $4.5 trillion and which is only continuing to grow.

Wellness is a growing vertical in a country whose entrepreneurs have been known for building strong companies. Israelis are natural problem solvers, and some of the most pressing challenges in wellness are being addressed by these ambitious entrepreneurs.

Health and wellness are not just markets, but a way of life and a philosophy. In no other vertical do so many members of the global wellness community embrace this lifestyle with such dedication.

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Welltech Ventures is a health and wellness focused fund which operates and invests in the Israeli ecosystem. We offer a unique advantage as thought leaders in the Israeli health tech ecosystem, have developed expertise in the sector, and helped foster a network built by supporting local wellness entrepreneurs.

Areas in the wellness space which offer opportunities include nutrition, mindfulness, stress management, fitness, preventive medicine, real estate wellness, and beauty. Our personal thesis is to approach this vertical in holistic terms; it’s not just about investing in strong entrepreneurs but also helping build companies which make a positive impact on society and the globe.

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